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Spencer Stuart Case Study

Spencer Stuart 6s
Spencer Stuart 6s

Spencer Stuart 4s
Spencer Stuart 4s

Spencer Stuart 5s
Spencer Stuart 5s

Spencer Stuart 6s
Spencer Stuart 6s




677 Washington Blvd

Stamford, CT

Approx. Square Footage

20,000 SF

Project Duration

16 Weeks

Project Management



Perkins + Will


Beautiful, intricate woodwork creating a 3D geometric pattern surrounds a customizable electric fireplace. This feature wall is the centerpiece of one of Lincoln International’s common areas. 

Electric Fireplace / 3D Wood Panels

Cooledge Lighting

Cooledge Lighting systems forms a continuous and seamless light emitting surface giving the viewer the perception of an infinite ceiling.

Tempered Glass Tile

This natural limestone tile tempered with a sleek polished glazed provides a bold, impactful look. Each tile is unique in itself, making each installation truly one of a kind.