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Featured Project

Project Duration

36 Weeks

Approximate Square Footage

36,000 SF

The Fenwick & West project comprised of a two-floor buildout with 50% of the existing conditions to remain. Our task was to generate a finished product that mimicked existing conditions while simultaneously creating a new construction feel for the entire space. In order to accomplish that goal, it was necessary to source numerous products currently in the space, some obsolete, and ensure precise matches were installed as well as adding new and updated elements to the existing space. A mix of drywall and open ceiling finishes along with various types of fabric panels for both ceilings and walls as well as both patterned carpet and polished concrete, various paint and wall covering finishes adorned the offices and open areas to bring the space to life and generate a modern, welcoming feel. 


As with any project when dealing with existing conditions, challenges arose during the construction phase prompting Petretti/ us? to find timely and cost prohibitive solutions. For example, the project requirements to remove existing hardwood flooring realized transitional inconsistencies throughout the affected areas, changing door, base and transition considerations previously specified in the project drawings and door heights for new glass office front systems to match existing. To maintain the integrity of the design intent, it was necessary to formulate a plan to deal with the varying height requirements now required for all components associated with floor removal which included pouring a top layer of concrete, extending door frames, grinding concrete to create a sight slope at office entry transitions as well as carpet to polished concrete transitions. It was also necessary to modify and/ or replace existing millwork base to precisely match finishes and maintain design reveals and floor contours.

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