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Start to finish,

Construction Management at it’s best.

Petretti & Associates supports all project delivery methods optimizing services to best meet your goals, timeline and budget. From conceptual and schematic design through construction, our focus is always on Cost Certainty. Bringing a construction partner and advocate onboard early in the process is the surest way to guarantee your project’s success.

Building Evaluation

Plan for construction. We are your advocate, the liaison between you and the project manager or broker, inspecting potential buildings and advising you on their suitability to your goals. Safety and environmental concerns, building code compliance, internal mechanics and potential obstacles are analyzed so that your project begins on the strongest foundation possible.


Save time and money by partnering with Petretti & Associates for guidance. Material selection, procurement timelines, permits, labor considerations, construction and post-construction activities are explored then defined in a master schedule. A Petretti representative is available to attend all meetings, advise on contract packaging strategies such as MWBE participation if required, and examine cost estimates to aid in cost control management.



As a catalyst between you, the design team and others, Petretti & Associates will conduct periodic project meetings and solicit design review comments, documents recommendations, distribute meeting minutes and transmit documents to appropriate regulatory agencies. We evaluate build, cost, sequencing, scheduling, and design documents for completeness, clarity and consistency with code compliance. To ensure maximum efficiency, we prepare preliminary estimates of construction costs and provide cost evaluations of alternative materials and systems.

Bid & Award

Petretti & Associates will develop and select a bidders list of contractors that are “right-sized” for the scope of your project. We conduct pre-bid conferences with our client and coordinate responses to bidders’ questions. We effectively handle all aspects of the process, making recommendations of bid acceptance or rejection, verifying references and bidders’ financial status, coordinating the issuance of addenda and reviewing each contractor’s construction schedule to verify it is in accordance with the contract documents. The time we spend is the time you save, and rest assured your project is being handled by some of the most experienced people in the business.


Throughout all project phases, our team is at your service providing comprehensive construction services. We have decades of experience coordinating, managing, supervising and smoothly executing construction projects from project mobilization through client occupancy. Need contract non-compliance documented? We handle it. Monitoring the project schedule? We update it and report back to you. Conduct meetings and advocate on your behalf? We’re always available. We certify and handle payments, implement quality control, monitor safety programs and conduct inspections.  Petretti & Associates pledges to handle every facet of your project as you would handle it yourself.

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