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YMCA of Greenwich Case Study

About the Project

The YMCA of Greenwich is a historical landmark in its local community. The charming structure was originally built in 1916 and features amenities such as an olympic-sized swimming pool, workout facilities, indoor track and basketball courts, in addition to administrative offices. Petretti & Associates was contracted to perform multiple upgrades to many of their mechanical and infrastructure components. Most recently we installed a new  two dehumidification systems on the roof of the facility. The units were meticulously lifted, lowered and placed via crane onto the rooftop like a game of Tetris. This is just a small portion of the work we are doing at the Y. We have also made improvements to the pool including new pumps, filtration systems, waterproofing and tile. Other work includes the installation of a new supply /return air duct and a 270 ton chiller.



50 E Putnam Avenue

Greenwich, CT

Approx. Square Footage

20,000 SF

+ Infrastructure Work

Project Duration

16 Weeks

Design Team


Memasi Design

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